Journal Entry for Credit Card Rewards Example


It’s nice to know that there’s a little bit of money coming back to me every time I make a purchase. According to the IRS, rebates are considered income and must be reported. In other words, if you receive credit card rebates from your credit card company, you should claim them on your income tax return as a business owner. Cashback is considered income in this case, so there is no accounting treatment for it. If you don’t claim the cashback somewhere else, there’s no accounting treatment.

Before making a decision, you must first consider the features and rates of the cards you are considering, as rewards cards can be more expensive. Savings-minded consumers are drawn to cash back cards because they can receive a fixed dollar amount for every purchase. People who do not frequently use their credit cards may find this an excellent option because you will not receive as much rewards as you would with a rewards card.

Also, you can simplify and automate the process using Dancing Numbers which will help in saving time and increasing efficiency and productivity. Just fill in the data in the relevant fields and apply the appropriate features and it’s done. Type the card number in the Credit Card Acct. If you’re creating a general credit card account for more than one card, leave the Credit Card Acct. While you’re at it, you can describe the card, too. In the Description text box, depending on your card’s interest rate.


While you might think it’s a good time to buy, you might struggle with limited inventory and higher mortgage rates. Seeing how to enter Visa cashback in QuickBooks Online ought not to appear to be troublesome with these means. While you enter the cashback, make sure that the sum is right, or, more than likely you might see monetary mistakes yet to be determined. Pick by the same token ”Other Income” or the payment account that you have.

Fill in the name of the card issuer, the date, and so on. Click Save & New or Save & Close when you’re done. The payment is recorded in both the Checking register and the Credit Card register because you charge the credit card liability account with the check total.

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QuickBooks displays the Chart of Accounts window, as shown. He has authored over 100 books about how to use technology to manage personal and business finances. To delete the transaction, choose Edit→Delete Credit Card Charge.


You can use a different beneficial technique to access the software’s Banking menu. The option to enter the rewards is there. Do not worry a bit, you are at the right place. We will start from the start i.e., from the meaning of Credit card cashback reward.

Record Credit Card Cashback in QuickBooks Online

In the field of ”Record Name”, type the name of the record. Complete each field, making sure the date field is accurate. The only optional fields are the “Ref No.” field and the “Memo” field — every other field should be completed.

Are Your Credit Cards Safe During a Banking Crisis? – The Motley Fool

Are Your Credit Cards Safe During a Banking Crisis?.

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Fill in the Items tab.\r\nBecause this charge is for a meal at a restaurant, you don’t itemize the charge. \r\nIf you’ve never dined at this fine establishment before, choose Add New; then add the business name. If you want your journal entry to be accurate, you must first debit your Cash account in the amount of your Sale – Fees.

Tap on the Create choice on the QBO landing page. Presently, you want to pick a payee, and after that incorporate the Credit Card Account. Further, search for the segment of Account Details. Entering your credit card purchases into QuickBooks Online and then matching that transaction to the bank feed is the best method, at least from a bookkeeping standpoint. It’s also the least commonly used method.

  • Locate the account you just created in the Chart of Accounts list, and click View Register.
  • A description isn’t necessary unless you want to enter a note about the card.
  • One of the simplest ways to manage your accounting is to apply cashback to a single account.
  • Set reminders for due transactions and export your accounting data from online to the desktop version of QuickBooks via its online interface.

Users who use this feature are able to quickly record and enter the cashback reward they received from their card. What’s the best method of getting cash back on a debit card? The user wanted to know how cashback would be recorded. Reward cards are not taxable, but make sure you have the necessary amount of cash to redeem them. You will be required to report income benefits due to the cards’ early benefits, though this is not always the case.

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  • Because your credit card is a liability account, and because liability accounts are increased by credits, the credit of $1,200 increases the amount of the liability .
  • This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research.
  • Learn how to set up and track PayPal transactions in QuickBooks from the experts.
  • He has authored over 100 books about how to use technology to manage personal and business finances.
  • The cost amount will be deducted from the order once the order has been placed.

Start with clicking on the debits and credits menu at the top of the QuickBooks page and then click on “Credit card credit“. Now you need to go to the detail type and enter the detail as required, discuss with your accountant if you are unsure regarding what to enter. First of all, After opening the QuickBooks, go to the left panel of the menu and click on the accounting tab. After clicking on the accounting tab, you need to go to the Chart of Accounts. On the purchase field type, it will ask you to enter an appropriate name for it.

To record the cash flow, you must create an income account in QuickBooks. Once you’ve established your income account, you can start using your cash back rewards as credit cards. It will not be reported on your gross receipts because it is only classified as income. QuickBooks also has added a few new categories in which you can add cash back rewards to your credit cards. There are many different types of credit card rewards that can be offered by different credit card companies. Cashback can be given to customers if their payments over a certain threshold are met.


The Daily Cash destination can also be changed at any time, and there’s no limit on how much Daily Cash users can earn. To build on their savings even further, users can deposit additional funds into their Savings account through a linked bank account, or from their Apple Cash balance. In the “Credit Card Credit” window, select the vendor from whom you made the purchase from the “Payee” drop-down.

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Is Using Your Credit Card About to Get Cheaper?.

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Fill in the Items tab.Because this charge is for a meal at a restaurant, you don’t itemize the charge. If you were charging inventory items such as lumber, paper supplies, and so on, however, you’d fill in the Items tab. If you’ve never dined at this fine establishment before, choose Add New; then add the business name. Click the down arrow next to the Credit Card field and then choose a card from the drop-down menu. As an alternative to the Chart of Accounts window, you can click the Enter Credit Card Charges icon in the Banking area of the home screen.

If you aren’t sure, you can click on the link — in this case, “CC Expense” — to review the transaction in more detail. You can also click the “Find other records” button to view other possible transactions that could be linked to this one. Once on the Receipts screen, you can upload receipts. If you’re using the QuickBooks Online app on your smartphone, you can use the app to add photos of receipts, then access and add them to your books from this screen. Complete the rest of the transaction, entering the category to post it to, a description if necessary and the amount of the transaction.

This figure shows what the Credit Card register looks like after you enter a handful of charges. QuickBooks displays the first Add New Account window, which simply displays a list of option buttons corresponding to the different types of accounts QuickBooks allows. When you make a deposit through a cash machine by using a debit card, record the transaction just like you record a regular deposit. Select the credit card transaction that you want to delete or change.\r\nThat’s easy. Record the charge by clicking the Save & New button or the Save & Close button.\r\nThe charge is recorded in the Credit Card register.