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He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania while pursuing his CAC-AD. With strong ties to Victory Christian Church and the 12-step community, Federico shares an amazing personal story of redemption and long-term recovery. With over 32 years in the arena of addiction and sobriety, he uses his vast experience to provide a unique approach to mentorship and guiding our clients toward a supportive lifestyle of recovery.

how to taper off alcohol at home

He provides individual therapy, group therapy, and assessments for clients in recovery from substance use and any related mental health issues. Vince is passionate about the work that he does, and approaches therapy through an empathetic and motivational approach. Still, even if someone’s alcohol withdrawal experience does not include seizures of Delirium tremens, the more common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal still make for an overwhelmingly unpleasant experience. Always remember that if the taper is not working for you or if you are having major withdrawal that it is safest to check into a medical detox because alcohol withdrawal can kill you.

How To Detox from Alcohol Safely

You can quit cold turkey under the guidance of a trained medical detox team, or you can slowly reduce intake. Not everyone is a candidate for tapering off alcohol over time. This option is only appropriate for someone who has an emerging drinking how to taper off alcohol problem. If you have an alcohol problem of a long duration, you should undergo a monitored medical detox. If you’re struggling with severe alcohol addiction, a medical detox program is your likely best option for tapering off alcohol safely.

how to taper off alcohol at home

If you struggle with drinking, the safest way to quit is under a doctor’s care. If you drink heavily, your doctor may recommend quitting with the help of a medical detox center. Inmedical detox, you receive around-the-clock care from doctors and nurses to help prevent and treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms and their complications. This can set you up for a safe and effective detox and put you in a good position to continue your recovery in rehab. People who have alcohol use disorder that goes undiagnosed may have an especially difficult time cutting back on their alcohol consumption.


Metaphorically speaking, do you like to dip your toe in first, or cannonball right in? As long as safety precautions are taken, there’s no wrong way to begin a sobriety or moderation journey. This journey is often non-linear, and your goals can change over time. Read all about mindful drinking in this article by a licensed therapist at Monument.

  • Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and support you need to become a thriving recovering alcoholic.
  • But it can relieve some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal by helping you relax.
  • Unfortunately, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can worsen quickly, and they can include agitation and hallucinations that make it more difficult to seek help.

When coming off drugs or alcohol tapering is the best way to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms. Tapering is the act of gradually reducing alcohol use until completely abstinent. By creating a schedule to monitor your alcohol use you can see just how much of the substance you are drinking. It can be tempting to just “rip off the Band-Aid” when getting sober, but tapering off alcohol is often much safer—and much less stressful.

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All Alcoholrehabhelp content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible. CBT treatment can help people with AUD explore the reasons for certain drinking habits and reinforce positive changes in behavior and decision-making processes. BetterHelp offers affordable mental health care via phone, video, or live-chat.

Is it possible to stop drinking on your own?

Some people are able to stop drinking on their own or with the help of a 12-step program or other support group (see below for links). Others need medical supervision in order to withdraw from alcohol safely and comfortably.

The best recommendation when struggling with alcohol misuse is to seek medical and mental health professional consultation as soon as possible. The professionals can determine the best treatment plan for you and your unique set of needs. In addition to the title of Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Kevin is also licensed by the state of Maryland as a Clinical Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Seizures can occur within the first 24 hours, but seizures occur only in about 25 percent of patients, according to the NIAAA. Benefits of peer support groups in the treatment of addictions. A great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to obtain alcohol, use alcohol, or recover from its effects. Consider talking to a counselor to help navigate the emotional impact of tapering your alcohol use. Depending on the organ and whether or not there has been relapse, recovery is possible.

  • Alcohol can stay in your system for several hours depending on how much you drink.
  • Take a break from drinking and choose alcohol-free days.Decide not to drink for at least a day or two every week.
  • It is all part of the process, and no one’s process is the same.